1st Workshop on High Availability and Observability of Cloud Systems

(in conjunction with EuroSys '21)

April 26, 2021, on the cloud

Accepted Papers

CARE: Infusing Causal Aware Thinking to Root Cause Analysis in Cloud System

Yong Xu and Xu Zhang (Microsoft Research, Beijing, China); Chuan Luo and Si Qin (Microsoft Research); Rohit Pandey (Microsoft, Redmond); Chao Du and Qingwei Lin (Microsoft Research, Beijing, China); Yingnong Dang (Microsoft, Redmond); Andrew Zhou (Microsoft)

Frisbee: A Suite for Benchmarking Systems Recovery

Fotis Nikolaidis (FORTH, Greece), Antony Chazapis (FORTH, Greece); Manolis Marazakis (FORTH-ICS); Angelos Bilas (Univ. of Crete and FORTH, Greece)

Examining Raft’s behaviour during partial network failures

Chris Jensen, Heidi Howard, and Richard Mortier (University of Cambridge)

Service mesh circuit breaker: From panic button to performance management tool

Mohammad Reza Saleh Sedghpour, Cristian Klein, and Johan Tordsson (Umeå University)